Was Stalin A Believer?

Some Russians — Christians and Communists — Venerate Icon of Stalin Vienna, November 27 – An Orthodox priest in a town near St. Petersburg has sparked controversy by putting up an icon showing the figure of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, with some believers and Communists viewing this as simple justice and others as an indicationContinue reading “Was Stalin A Believer?”

Again and Again (Or, Let me Reintroduce Myself)

For us on the Old Calendar today is the first day of the Christmas Fast. It is also a personal milestone for me as it marks one year since my first post. One year of Again and Again. Actually, I feel like the blog only started a few months ago. I was sort of talkedContinue reading “Again and Again (Or, Let me Reintroduce Myself)”

Thanksgiving and American Mythology

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe’s   (1850 – 1936)  – “The First Thanksgiving” Of all the American holidays, the only one I take part in is Thanksgiving. Isn’t it food that makes the holiday? If not, I’m sure it has a lot to do with it. As Orthodox Christians, we certainly know what Christmas and Pascha eachContinue reading “Thanksgiving and American Mythology”

Just How Exactly Does One Perform a Sacrifice?

Photo: Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Damian, one time abbot of Ascension Monastery Years ago, when I was a parish priest in Atlanta, the Ascension Monastery in Resaca, Georgia was under the Russian Church Abroad. Actually, I think when we first moved down there they were still OCA, then they switched to ROCOR. Today I think theyContinue reading “Just How Exactly Does One Perform a Sacrifice?”