Is There Life after Birth?

The following story is an allegorical representation of a discussion about life after death between a man who does not believe in God (person A) and a man who believes in God (person B).

Twins are having a conversation in the mother’s womb:

A: Do you believe in life after birth?

B: Of course, there must be something after birth.

A: That is nonsense. There is no life after birth. How would this life look like anyway?

B: I don’t know exactly, but I am convinced that there will be more light and that we will be able to walk and eat with our mouths…

A: That is complete nonsense. You know that it’s impossible to run and eat with your own mouth, that’s why we have the umbilical cord. I’m telling you, after birth there is no life.

B: The umbilical cord is too short. I’m convinced that there is something after birth. Something completely different from what we are living now.

A: But no one has ever returned from there. Life ends after birth. Besides, life is nothing else but existence in a tight and dark environment.

B: Well, I don’t know exactly how life after birth looks like, but we will, in any case, meet our Mommy. Then she will take care of us.

A: Mommy? You believe in Mommy? And where, according to you, would she be?

B: Everywhere around us, of course. Thanks to her, we are alive, without her, we would not exist at all.

A: I don’t believe it. I have never seen Mommy, so it is clear that she doesn’t exist.

B: Yes, it is possible, but sometimes, when we are perfectly still, we can hear her sing and caress our world. You know, I am convinced that life after birth, in fact, is only just the beginning.

Taken from the “Spring of St. Petka” newsletter from St. Petka Church in Troy, Michigan

10 thoughts on “Is There Life after Birth?

  1. The tale about two foetus talking over whether there is or not a Mother and a different life after birth (delivery) has been spreading quite a lot through the Net during last 2 or 3 years, even in several languages.
    I feel flattered by it because this idea corresponds to one of the stories in my book “Morphogeny”.
    I wrote it 35 years ago and I am amazed how it is spreading like wildfire; but it is limited to just 2 or 3 sentences (often with additions or changes made by the user) when the original story is quite more than that.
    If you want to read the full story get into where you’ll come into some pieces from my other essay works as well as my main musical compositions.
    For those who have been called attention to the theme of “Do you believe in Mother?” or “Life After Birth” have this complete story under the title of “Boy and Girl” in both Spanish and English. I hope you enjoy it.
    But I would appreciate you using or sharing this tale as you may wish but always mentioning the original source (not appropiating authorship, as some have already done), nor it is therefore anonymous (as presented by some sites).
    I have no objection you use it (even commercially in seminars or courses), but whenever you mention book and author; in contrary case I would have to legally denounce whoever for plagiarism, for undue and unauthorized use; the book is registered internationally and it has its corresponding ISBN.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

    Pablo J.Luis Molinero

  2. Reblogged this on tbhenning23 and commented:
    Now I wonder if there is life after death. Before I wondered if there was life after birth.

  3. Interesting. I got this story for the first time from a fellow seminarian in Vienna. It was in German. I came across your page when searching to see if the story existed in English. My guess is it’s been around for a while. It would be an interesting historical-critical work to try to determine the truly original storyteller. 🙂

  4. Vara –

    Thanks for the advice. Actually I just noticed the different format styles today. Maybe I’ll learn.

    I visit your blog from time to time but don’t comment, just enjoy the artwork. I wasn’t able to find the above cited posts but even if I was I don’t think I’m qualified to comment.

  5. Batiushka!

    There is a way to clear up the attribution problem. On my site, after the ending of the4 body of the post text, I put the date the post was written (the original source-date), the name of the author in “heading-3” style, the name of the publication in bold-face italic, and, finally, a live hyperlink to the original source (if available). It becomes habitual if you persist. Then, no one has any problem.

    For my own posts, that is, original work, I date the piece (the day it was written), sign my name in “heading-3” style, and put my hometown in boldface underneath that.

    It certainly clears up confusion, and it takes only seconds (literally). I also indicate the language of the original in parenthesis after the URL, which is a help to reader.

    I don’t claim to be anyone’s expert… to be frank, the above system came out of a good deal of trial and error (mostly error… ugh!). However, it does add a “professional” touch to one’s site. Oh… don’t forget the power of a good image… that can convey more than any word can, believe me.

    Pray for me and mine as I pray for you and yours. Bog blagoslovit.

    s Bogom,

    Vara Drezhlo
    “Voices from Russia” and “Art and Faith”

    I just posted some exceptional painting by Ilya Galzunov on “Art”. I would appreciate your comments on “Eternal Russia” (1988) and “Christ and Anti-Christ” (1999).


  6. Thank you very much.

    Clarification – I didn’t write this. It’s my fault that you would think that I did as I am very sloppy with my posts. This is the second time something I posted has been mistaken for my own work.

    I’ll make the correction.

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