On St. Luke’s Day

A homily given by His Holiness Patriarch Pavle October 31, 1996 From this Gospel reading (Luke 16:1-9), written by the Evangelist Luke, whose memory we commemorate today, we can and should learn much. It is about a certain steward who squanders his master’s property, and when the master decides that this man settle accounts andContinue reading “On St. Luke’s Day”

Complaining about the Church

Photo: Bishop Georgije (red mitre) in Jordanville attending the funeral for Metropolitan +Laurus earlier this year. ———————– In an interview a few years ago Serbian Bishop of Canada +Georgije was asked about Holy Transfiguration Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Milton, Canada. His answer, among other things, included this little anecdote: “….Disputes with our neighbors, whose propertiesContinue reading “Complaining about the Church”

The Wellsprings of Divine Grace

On this day as we commemorate St. Longinus I offer one of Fr. Patrick Reardon’s Pastoral Ponderings: In his description of the death of Jesus, Saint John is the only Gospel-writer to include the detail that “one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out” (19:34). AlthoughContinue reading “The Wellsprings of Divine Grace”

Is There Life after Birth?

The following story is an allegorical representation of a discussion about life after death between a man who does not believe in God (person A) and a man who believes in God (person B). Twins are having a conversation in the mother’s womb: A: Do you believe in life after birth? B: Of course, thereContinue reading “Is There Life after Birth?”

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Photo: Two of our younger “Sisters” serving the Slava kolach and Koljivo to guests seated at the head table yesterday at the St. Paraskeva Slava celebration of our Circle of Serbian Sisters. I would imagine there are people out there who don’t completely believe in the lives of the Saints. Perhaps it’s the same partContinue reading “Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost”