Mobile Phones “A Chip Man Carries with Him Voluntarily”

Anadyr, June 19, Interfax – Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka spoke against Orthodox believers using mobile phones.

“I don’t admit mobile phones. I think it’s a chip that a man carries with him voluntarily,” he has told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Thursday.

Last year Bishop Diomid urged Orthodox believers not to use Russian passport as the “number of the beast” was secretly put on its pages and not to take individual tax number, as the ruling bishop of Chukotka believed it led to the state’s total control.

“This passport didn’t get through the third Duma hearing, it’s illegal while the old (Soviet – IF) passport is legal,” Bishop Diomid has told the agency today.

He confessed that he had a new Russian passport. “I live in the border zone! One can’t make a step without a passport here – you’ll get arrested and imprisoned at once.”


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