Galbraith: Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs was Croatia’s State Policy

[First it was Carla Del Ponte in her tell-all book and now this. The truth comes out.]

Former US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith who testified before the Hague tribunal on Monday, confirmed that ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Serbian Krajina region was a deliberate systematic operation and the state policy of Croat leadership, headed by Franjo Tudjman, which led to the mass scale ethnic cleansing in two blitzkrieg operations in 1995, codenamed Storm and Flash.

As a prosecution witness in the case against Tudjman’s generals Ante Gotovina, Mladen Markaca and Ivan Cermak — accused of conducting military operations aimed at forced and permanent removal of Serbian population from the Krajina region, including killing Serbian civilians and prisoners, expulsion, deportation, plunder of Serbian property, merciless destruction of Serbian-populated towns and villages and inhumane and cruel treatment — Galbraith stressed that this was Croatia’s state policy that continued to be enforced afterwards, preventing the expelled Serbs from returning to their homes and land in Croatia.

According to Galbraith, the systematic destruction and plunder of the Serbian property during the Storm, as well as prevention of their return, through the legal and other means undertaken after the operation, took place “because Croat state leadership — Tudjman and the gang around him — wanted it to happen, and they were happy when it did happen”.


“Once the Serbs were gone, Tudjman didn’t want them to return”, American diplomat said, adding that Croat state enacted legal measures to prevent the return of the expelled and refugees.

“The systematic destruction of Krajina was either ordered or permitted, but in any case, this was intended by the Croat leadership. I believe this was a deliberate policy of Zagreb government,” Galbraith stressed.
He said that Croat war-time president Tudjman, during their numerous meetings before the Operation Storm, was not hiding the fact he considers Serbian population in Krajina region “a strategic threat” to Croatia. His adviser Hrvoje Sarinic called Serbian population in Croatia a “cancer on Croatia’s belly”, US diplomat noted.

Galbraith confirmed that Tudjman was saying that only “up to 10 percent of Serbs can remain in Croatia”, and that Serbian Krajina region ought to be cleansed of Serbs and populated by the diaspora Croats. Emphasizing that his goal was a nationally “homogeneous”, i.e. an ethnically clean state, Tudjman was also openly advocating “moving the population” and dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina, Galbraith revealed.
He testified that right after the military offensive on Serbian Krajina began, on August 4, 1995, the mass “torching and pillaging” of the Serbian towns and villages also started. He had personally witnessed these crimes and knows these were not merely “isolated incidents”, as Croats refer to them, but organized, massive action, planned at the very top of Croat political and military leadership.


Mass ethnic cleansing of Serbian population from Krajina in Croatia — Operation Storm — remains the biggest single act of ethnic cleansing committed on the territory of former Yugoslavia, with over 300,000 Serbs being forced to flee, while more than 14,000 Serbian civilians were killed. It was, therefore, quite convenient that US State Department’s Madeleine Albright had miraculously discovered, at the very moment Croats were “purifying” their state, that Serbs have committed a “genocide” in Srebrenica a whole month earlier, so that the focus of the world public could be successfully and instantly taken off the genocidal Croat state.

During his Hague testimony on June 23, Galbraith expressed regret he had lied in the trial against former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, claiming that there was no ethnic cleansing during Operation Storm. He said that this was a “technical explanation”, because many Serbs left the town of Knin before the savage Croat troops entered (compared to hyenas by a senior British officer who, after his peacekeeping service in Bosnia, said he “would rather find Serbs under his command, as they could be counted on to fight to the last man [while] Croats were no more dependable or courageous than hyenas”).

Elsewhere, it was noted that the US State Department representative was present the entire time during Galbraith’s testimony, sitting behind the prosecutor, with the task to oversee American diplomat’s testimony and prevent him from touching upon the subjects which involve the US role in purging Croatia of Serbs.

Mobile Phones “A Chip Man Carries with Him Voluntarily”

Anadyr, June 19, Interfax – Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka spoke against Orthodox believers using mobile phones.

“I don’t admit mobile phones. I think it’s a chip that a man carries with him voluntarily,” he has told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Thursday.

Last year Bishop Diomid urged Orthodox believers not to use Russian passport as the “number of the beast” was secretly put on its pages and not to take individual tax number, as the ruling bishop of Chukotka believed it led to the state’s total control.

“This passport didn’t get through the third Duma hearing, it’s illegal while the old (Soviet – IF) passport is legal,” Bishop Diomid has told the agency today.

He confessed that he had a new Russian passport. “I live in the border zone! One can’t make a step without a passport here – you’ll get arrested and imprisoned at once.”

On the Saints

[Serbian Orthodox Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America, in the preface to his Serbian translation of “The Romanian Patericon I” writes:]

“God is wondrous in His saints;
The God of Israel shall give power
and strength to His people…” (Ps. 67:36)

With these prophetic words the holy Psalmist revealed to us thirty centuries ago the mystery of how God is most wondrous in those who fulfill His holy will. True, His mightiness is seen in created nature which we see with our bodily eyes, but it isn’t reflected anywhere else like it is in the holy man. And nothing cleanses us as much and, at the same time, fills us with an indescribable fear, as standing before a holy man. All other attributes of God are pictured in man – who is the crown of His creation – but not one like holiness. For this attribute belongs specifically to Him. Holiness is the seal by which those who have pleased the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be recognized (Rev. 7:2-3).

Among the myriads of holy people who have been pleasing to Christ are those from all peoples, tribes and tongues (Rev. 14:1-5; 7:1-17). For according to the words of the Holy Apostle Peter, on the occasion of the baptism of Cornelius, “…God shows no partiality. But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him” (Acts 10:35).

Medjugorje – An Official Sham!


The Vatican has denounced a group who claim to have seen the Virgin Mary more than 40,000 times in the past 27 years.

The six Bosnian ‘seers’ attract five million pilgrims a year to their home town of Medjugorje, providing a lucrative trade for local businesses.

Hundreds of thousands travel there each year from Britain alone.

But now one of the most respected voices in the Roman Catholic church has accused the visionaries of perpetuating a ‘diabolical deceit’.

Andrea Gemma, 77, a bishop and once the Vatican’s top exorcist, told a magazine in Italy: ‘In Medjugorje everything happens in function of money: Pilgrimages, lodging houses, sale of trinkets.
‘This whole sham is the work of the Devil. It is a scandal.’ He said the Vatican would soon crack down on the group.

The Medjugorje phenomenon began on June 25, 1981, when six children told a priest they had seen the Virgin on a hillside near their town.

A church investigation dismissed the vision, and the Vatican banned pilgrimages to the site in 1985. But many Catholics ignored the ban.

Today, the seers own smart houses with security gates and tennis courts and expensive cars. One is married to a former U.S. beauty queen.

Catholic officials in the U.S. have recently banned the group from speaking on church property during their world tours, on which they allegedly take the Virgin with them

Source: The Daily Mail

The Divine Ascension

“NO ONE has ascended to heaven but the one who came down from heaven, the Son of Man who is in heaven” (Jn. 3,13).

These words uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ are put in question by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos who says that they seem to be in contrast to the witness of Scripture where we read that St. Elijah the Prophet also “ascended to heaven”. If he didn’t go up to heaven then just where did he go? The metropolitan, with the help of the Holy Fathers, answers:

About the ascent of the Prophet Elijah it says in Scripture “suddenly a chariot of fire appeared with horses of fire and separated the two of them; and Elijah was taken up by a whirlwind as if to heaven” (2 Kings 2,11). But about Christ’s Ascension it says: “So then after the Lord had spoken to them, he was received up into heaven, and sat down at the right hand of GOd” (Mark 16,19). So then we see in the case of the prophet Elijah the phrase “as if to heaven” is used, while in the case of Christ it is “into heaven”.

….In addition to this difference, it seems that there is also another greater one. According to the Fathers of the Church, although Prophet Elijah was taken up with his body, still he did not ascend to Heaven, where God is, but to another “space”. According to St. John Chrysostom, the Prophet Elijah is now in the earthly Paradise, from which Adam fell because of his disobedience and his transgression of God’s command. St. Neilos maintains that he is in the ether, which is higher than the air, but lower than heaven.

St. Gregory Palamas, with his theological penetration, is more analytical and gives more extensions to this event. He says that, as there were also many resurrections before Christ, there were also many ascensions before Christ’s Ascension. In the Old Testament it says that a spirit took the Prophet Jeremiah up, an angel took Abbakum, but most of all, the Prophet Elijah was taken by a fiery chariot. The ascensions of all of these were “a sort of transfer”, that is a transfer which somehow lifted them from the earth, but did not take them out of it. In other words, none of them passed the earth’s atmosphere. Likewise, all who were lifted up and returned to the earth, died again a little later. Christ, however, was resurrected and death had no power over Him, and because He ascended into heaven, every height is lower than He is.

From these patristic words we can conclude that the Ascension of the Prophet Elijah in a fiery chariot was like a change of place, a sort of death, which shows approximately how people would have departed if Adam has not sinned and had not entered the world.

Picture above: The feast of the Ascension of our Lord is the official Slava of the city of Belgrade when the central liturgy is served in the church of the Ascension after which a Litiya is led through the streets of Belgrade. Among the bishops at this year’s celebration is our Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America. The picture above was from two years ago.